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Focusing On The Goal

Injuries suck.  They do.…but I’d like to believe that injuries happen because they can teach you a lesson.

When you get hurt, the frame of mind is frustration and anger and the universal question that all of us have asked, “why?”

Or even further, being hurt is about, “how could this have possibly happened to me now”, or “it just isn’t fair.” Looking in the mirror, I can honestly say that I have learned something from each and every injury when I took out being the victim.

Each time the universe has forced me onto the sidelines I experience a combination of mental, spiritual and psychological growth. Sometimes all I can take away from an injury is patience. Other times I take away something far more meaningful, real growth that changes me to very core of who I am.

Recently, my injury took me away from one of my favorite places in the world, Malibu, California. Our national team had travelled to play two games against Sweden while I stayed in the cold, rainy, and wet version of Vancouver. As much as I hated having to be away from the team; missing out on playing with great friends, and proudly wearing the maple leaf for Canada; I found myself not angry but instead hurt.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t upset and disappointed but I also recognized that sometimes growth encompasses more than just physical pain.

With the World Cup in mind, the bigger question I had to ask myself was this: What do I need to do today to be the best that I can be for June 6th, 2015 (the opening game the Women’s World Cup)?

By keeping my focus on the bigger picture, the answer was crystal clear. As much as I would have loved being with the team, staying back to work with a great medical team, was the right decision for me.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are bad days. The Vancouver rain and cold are not my favourite. And not having my teammates and friends around, who are family to me, was difficult.  Yet, being present and knowing this process is part of the beauty in this journey, I know that these are small little hiccups along the way.

I am vision clear. I get to be a part of a group that is after something so much bigger than just us.

In having that, I can embrace the harder days, not always fighting them but accepting that ‘today this is where I am, and it is ok’. I embrace the process one step at a time, leading me onwards towards that greater goal.

Each day when I awake, I embrace a new day. I MAKE it an opportunity to be the best me of today.


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