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Karina Leblanc Media Host Global News


Karina has emceed and co-hosted many events, including the crowd warm up for major sporting events throughout Canada. Her many gigs include Global News, PUMA unveiling shows, HSBC Rugby 7’s, Canada Soccer Men’s World Cup qualification games, Banquets and acting as a Moderator. Keep your eye out for Karina on television, there is a lot more to come!

KK CAM is Karina’s way of showcasing and introducing the public to athletes for who they really are, not their “on camera” personas. This is a great way for fans to really connect to them as people.

Karina Leblanc Media Host Yahoo Sports Rio


At Rio 2016, Karina is the Olympics Expert for Yahoo Canada. On behalf of Yahoo Canada, she will be creating unique content around the games including hosting the “Bring Your Eh Game” podcast where she will be interviewing former athletes, writing feature articles for Yahoo Canada Sports, and conduct in-person interviews with Canadian athletes during the games.

Karina Leblanc Media Host CBC Rio

CBC RIO 2016

Karina will also be joining the Broadcasting Team with CBC Soccer during the Olympic Games in Rio. As a Guest Analyst, Karina will appear on CBC primarily, but not exclusively, for Canadian Women’s Soccer pre-game previews or post-game reactions.


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