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Soccer was my platform for finding my voice. On the field I represented my country for almost 18 years, played in two Olympic Games (winning a bronze in London 2012), and have competed in five World Cups. My experiences as an athlete has given me memories for a lifetime, but it is the people I have met along the way who have most affected my life.

One of the most profound encounters occurred in 2013. Three of my teammates and I went to Newfoundland, Canada, to run a camp with our company, and while there I met a very special young woman. She stood out to me because I could see a lot of myself in her.


What is my purpose in life, and am I living it?

Take some time to think and challenge yourself for the next 48 hours to live your life purposefully and may nothing take you off that path. Start in your circle and do something that is not just about yourself but others. It’s amazing when you do the little things differently, and for the better, how you can affect a greater number for the greater good.

1. Do something in your inner circle.

2. Do something in your community — take that step and move into the direction you always wanted to move towards, but “didn’t have the time.”

3. See where it goes….