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  • iS4 keynote speeches with my 4 National teammates (Sinclair, Matheson, Wilkinson). A team empowering teams. (2012-present)
  • United Nations General Assembly Event (June 2014) – “Tapping into your Greater Purpose”
  • Keynote Speaker – PPI Solutions, IKEA, Advocis Ladies Luncheon, Outstanding women of Laurier , Coquitlam City, CONCACAF Congress – Aruba (Empowering Women Through Sport), Sun Life Financials, The Good Samaritan Society, Mighty Peace, Tony Robbins’ The Power of Success
  • Keynote Speaker AGM – UNICEF 2014, Canadian Soccer Association 2016
  • UNICEF Gala for Hope Keynote – Calgary, Halifax, Montreal (Raised 1 million as Keynote speaker and auctioneer)
  • Keynote Speaker at Canada’s 150th Birthday Celebrations with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Ottawa, Canada
  • FIFA/UEFA Leadership Conference – Bringing 150 female leaders of the game together for growth and learning
  • 4x WE DAY speaker (22,000+ kids)
  • Tedx Vancouver 2015 & 2017 (Host), Walrus Talks 2016
  • Keynote Speaker for Fortune 500 Corporations, Conferences, Universities and Colleges - Globally (13yrs) – PWC, Deloitte, SYSCO systems, Toyotashi Group – Managers Retreat, TECK
  • Panelist on several big events – We for She 2016, Beyond Sport (Yankee Stadium) Top Leaders in sport worldwide speak about influence of sport; Women in Sports and Leadership; FIFA Events (Panama, Zurich, Canada); Conference for Equality and Inclusion; Women’s International Day; CONCACAF conferences; Company of Young Professionals Leadership Forum (Vancouver Board of Trade) – Topic: “Strategies for Achieving a Healthy Corporate Culture” ; Mogul
  • Host and Emcee - BC Tech Summit audience 3000, Youth Innovation
  • Keynote Speaker at 2017 UNICEF UNGA – “What is Your Why”
  • Women In Leadership and Business Conference – Closing Speaker (Niagara Falls)
By Empowering Yourself First, You Can Empower Others
No matter who you are in life, we are all leaders. Karina brings the audience into deep aspects of personal empowerment, so that they can become better leaders and empower others. She will take them on a journey of life, to self, and the importance of recognizing potential within – embracing failures and celebrating successes.
Changing the Culture by Changing Yourself
In 2011, Karina and the national team came last at the World Cup in Germany. Nine months later, they stood on the podium watching the Canadian flag rise, with a medal around their necks. The difference was John Herdman and the leadership group (which included Karina), who were able to connect on something greater than themselves and greater than an Olympic medal. Their goal was to leave a true legacy and inspire a generation. Through sharing this journey, Karina will go into details that will connect you as a person, an employee, a company, on how you can change an environment so that in the end, you deliver a podium performance.
Daring to Dream BIG Again
From Olympic athlete to motivational speaker, Karina talks all about the vulnerability of starting over. You will walk away recognizing that it is time to live every day being the best version of you and understanding that we all have a purpose on this earth and we should all be living it. There is an inner greatness in us all and it is time to identify it, and purposefully live it.
Empowering Women
Karina has traveled around the world doing keynote speeches and panels about the importance of female empowerment, especially through sport. 97% of female CEO's or board members have had some sort of sport experience in their lifetime. Sport is a powerful outlet that teaches you lessons about how to accept failure and move forward with perseverance and confidence. Karina speaks on the power of sport in her life and how it was pivotal in building her own self-confidence. She now uses her experience to speak about the importance of sport, to leaders around the world with authenticity, honesty and bravery. 94% of women in the C-suite played sports, 52% at a university level. Executive women are more likely to have played a sport and to hire other women who also played.

15 Minutes More
Karina will take you through her turning point when she was cut from the Provincial team at 15 years old, and how it shaped who she became. In short, she decided to give 15 minutes more each day towards achieving her dream and who it is she wanted to be. The result would be her standing on the field next to her heroes, singing her national anthem and playing for our country. Changing from a shy, bullied girl who did not fit in, to a confident woman, Karina will show you how giving 15 minutes more to anything in life will take you closer to being the person you are meant to be. She will show you through her storytelling, authenticity, and vulnerability, that when something is taken from you in life, it is a test of how badly you want it, and will challenge you to find a way to make it happen.